Going back to Cali!! Looking so forward to having another art show, especially for the fact I did not seek out this art show. At the last 2nd Floor show, I met some representatives and after reviewing this site, they have offered me a spot in their next show. It is exciting to show new pieces, and bring some crowd favorites too.

Currently working on some raffle ideas, and making smaller frames for the first time. Tickets are on sale now till April 16 at midnight, and only $22. Please help me make it to this show by getting your tickets soon, and stop by my booth so I can hug you.

All show, and ticket purchasing info can be found on RAW Artists. click the image below.





It has been 5 years and over 4,000 views since I started this journey of artistic expression, and I have you to thank for it. Thank you for visiting my site, reading my non-sense, and viewing my art wok. It means so much to be able to share the things I care about most with true fans. It has been a long and extremely difficult year, with an amazing silver lining, so I hope to be getting back to the drawing board, and creating more art for you to enjoy.


Usually, men in their 30’s have hobbies that keep them happy, cars, music, friends, family, and so on. For me its drawing hearts. You can say it, I’m weird, I know. This time around I decided to go full throttle, and really make a statement with a symmetric, overlapping design. In my first heart design I wanted to show a seemly whole heart, but in the details you see that it is actually broken in several areas. For this one I decided to draw a complete heart, little did I know, in order to create a symmetrical heart, you need two. Just like in real life. The interesting part is the bottom of one, wraps around to create the top of the other. Like that saying “You complete me.” Funny how life can imitate art. Adding a border to this geometric heart shaped design was more challenging than the design itself. The position had to be perfect, showing enough, but not taking away from the foreground.



Been too long since I held a pen in my hand with the intent of creating something spectacular, way too long. I always miss drawing when life gets hectic and pulls me in several directions, at the same time. A few months ago I actually had a moment to myself, so I starting sketching this design. From the beginning, I knew I wanted this to be a 3D symmetric hand drawing of initials that reflected. But most importantly, I wanted a design that had no lose ends. Every line had to connect to another, it had to be a complete, solid, and a complex looking graffiti piece. Months later, the final concept emerged from the rubber dust and graphite. My moment of glory, while working on this piece, came when I noticed I could create this design with only two stand alone lines. Meaning, the 6 letters in this graffiti design are made up of 2 intertwined, overlapped lines.





My love for creating came from mixing together different styles and playing around with the results. After 12 years, Im still doing it. In this piece, reflected lettering acts as a border for the symmetric pattern in the center. The background was inspired by some previous pieces where I alternated black and white lines, to give a hint of hypnosis. Instead of leaving the background simple and all the lines going in the same direction, the decision was made to have every 4 lines change direction. The graffiti in this design is a block style lettering, but I have condensed the letters down as much as possible to make letters use parts of other letters in order to be complete. For example the front of the A is also the back of the P, and the back of the S. As for the symmetrical overlapping pattern, it was inspired by a simpler version I have tattooed on my collarbone. I wanted to make this double infinity design more intriguing, and as complex as possible. In doing the sketch, I found the pattern growing on its own. It was almost like it wanted to stretch out all on its own.

After 28 and a half hours, this hand drawn illustration of 3D graffiti art, and symmetric patterns was finally complete. Looking forward to the next adventure in creating art.



So its winter, again, and I have been storing up ideas all summer long. Hibernation is about to happen, and I couldn’t be happier. This past summer was one to remember, meeting amazingly wonderful people, launching t-shirts, selling t-shirts, cruising my car dream car, and most of all, enjoying the warm weather and beautiful skies.

Well all that’s done now, so it going to be 8 months of dangerous driving conditions, and harsh freezing temperatures constantly. Lame.

Here is one of the first new designs I have created this spectacular drawing season. I was able to make an off the wall, wacky idea come to life. I want to make a design where the graffiti lettering was the main focus of the overall piece, and also the border, at the same time. It started as a new signature design in the corner of a page in my sketch book. The letters C and A were on the bottom of the page, and the P and S were on the side of the page. Then I reflected the letters and the negative space created a perfect square. Once I had that shape, I knew 4 of them coming together in the middle would work as well. Added my hypnotic background ( that love so much ) and an overlapping object to tie all 3 levels together.

Last but not least, I had to go on a scavenger hunt to find enough pens to color it in. Total time on this graffiti art pattern was 18 hours.

Graffiti Art Pattern by CAPS